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Hi everyone!

I have some fun news to you guys who have been wanting to see me work at photoshoots.

Now you can! Just follow this link and you will find a video.
If you like it - please like me at facebook! :) I will post the rest of the videos at my FAN-page.
(This video is on the photographers blog.)

The link to the video:…

The link to my FAN-page:!/pages/Jani…

Love /Janina
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I will be traveling to Southampton in April. (15-23)
If your are interested in working with me during this time, please send a e-mail to:

Have a great day! /Janina
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Hi everyone,
I hope your week have started out great and that
you will have a lot of fun during the days to come.
I just found out that I have been pubished in Kismet UK
in an articel about Ryan Garrison. I just posted some
printscreens on my blog so have a look and tell me what
you think if you want to :) I think it looks great so
I´m happy :)

Press this link to find all the images....…
On friday this week my boyfriend Alex is going to get a BIG tattoo of me on his lower arm, and I am just SOOO happy that I felt like writing it to the rest of the world ;) The tattoo artist is great and during the day I will also have some time to go away and shoot some new images for my portfolio. I think this little tripp will be one to remember! :)

I hope everything is great with you all and that your life´s are as good as they can get.
Kisses and hugs /A very happy Janina
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Hi my angels and happy Halloween to all of you!

I have been asked to do a FAN-page of me as a model,
and now I have :) You find it at this link:…

I hope you will like it! :)
Hugs /Janina Näslund,
Hi again!
Its fun to see that so many of you have found my blog and started reading about my everyday life as a model. As you can see I write about fashion, modeling, pictures I love and much more.

BUT - I forgot to tell you all something very smart before.

If you would like to get an e-mail as soon as I write in my blog, then you can just press the link below and sign up:


As you can see this signing-up-site is in swedish,
but dont worry - my blog is in english to. You can
find it on the link below:


So - this is what you write in THIS LINK --->…

E-mail... well you get that part I guess ;) Write your e-mail...

Lösenord is the swedish word for PASSWORD. Here you write what type of password you want.

Land is the swedish word for country. Here you can find Your contry.

Födelsedatum is when you was born. ÅR = year. Månad = month. Dag = Day.

Kön is the swedish word for gender. Tjej = Girl, Kille = Boy

The last thing you do is to press the green thing below, and then you will recive e-mails as soon as I update my blog :)


If you dont want to get an e-mail when I update my blog you can always read my blog anyway :)
The adress is: . Hope to see you soon! Love /Janina
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Hi my angels,
I know many of you want to know more about my life, and also me as a model. In Sweden I have a very big Blog that I write in everyday. Before I was only writing in Swedish, but now I have changed that so - now YOU can read what I do everyday.. IN ENGLISH! Great news right? ;)

So, this is my blog-adres:

Today you can read about me in Digital Camera Magazine and se one of the images.
I hope you will like it! Kisses and hugs /Janina Näslund
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Wiho! I am so happy right now that I just feel like saying thanks to all of you. One of the pictures I modeld for have recived a DD today, and I feel so glad! It´s not one of my photos in my gallery, but the picture is of me as a model :) And thats cool to! So, have a look here if you dont have anything els to do:…

I will add this photo and some others to my gallery here at DA also :)
But for now, have a great night! Kisses and hugs /Janina
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Hi my angels on Deviantart!

This is the first Journal Entry I´m writing. It´s not that I havent a lot of things to say - it´s just that my english sucks =/ But, I decided to give it a try and tell you all some things about my self.

I´m a girl named Janina Näslund from Sweden that have been modeling for over 5 years now. And you know what? I love every second of it.. or well.. mostly ;) The times when you are standing almost naked in the middle of the snow for two hours is well... not the best parts ;) But after the shoot when you get the new images you will start to love even that.

I live for my images! I live for being a model and even when I grow old I will not end my modelingcareer - I will just change the types of job I do.

Many people think that models must look a special way - but that´s NOT true. I am a great example of that. In Sweden people think that you must be over 1,73 cm tall, blond and have your original haircolour.. that of course must be blond because you are from Sweden ;) But that´s not right.. I am "just" 1,67cm tall, my original hair-colour is blond.. but I have changed it to reed. And you know what? I get a lot of photographers who want´s to photograph me any way :) AND - I am also reprecented by TWO agencys in Sweden. One that´s mostly fashion and beauty, and one alternative.

If you want to find a lot of images of me you can just look at sites like:

I also have a big blog, but that one is in swedish.. and after this text I think you all understand why ;) But, even if you dont understand that you can always have a look at my blog to find the newest images I have did.. So - take a look!

Kisses and hugs /Janina Näslund
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